Conference Budget

2021 Conference Budget Process

The Great Plains Annual Conference will consider adoption of a 2021 budget via written ballot this fall. You can find the 2021 budget proposal and a supplemental narrative budget further down on this page. 

The conference conducted listening sessions via Zoom on five evenings in September to provide a venue for people to learn about the budget process and to ask questions.

The Connecting Council approved a recommendation for approving the budget as proposed originally, but with a 2% cost-of-living pay increase for conference staff. Some staff members received small increases in 2020. District superintendents and directors did not.

The process moving forward includes:

  • The proposed budget and process information will go out to voting members of the annual conference Friday, Oct. 9, 2020.
  • Following that release, voting members of annual conference will have until Oct. 23 to submit proposed amendments. 
  • If amendments are received, they will be addressed in a first round of balloting.
  • If no amendments are received, members of the annual conference will receive a ballot asking whether they will approve or not approve of the budget. 
  • Pursuant to the rules of the annual conference, approval of the budget by ballot requires a two-thirds affirmative majority of the total votes cast.