Laity Summit


Laity Summit 2022 – Courage to Thrive is here!


Laity Summit is Saturday, March 19, 2022. Laity Summit is a one-stop virtual leadership event for church and community leaders, like Lay Servants, Speakers, Ministers, Leaders and anyone discerning a call to leadership.

The overall theme for the 2022 gathering is “Courage to Thrive.”

New This Year: Host Sites

We invite you to attend this virtual event as an individual, or...

Get a group together to engage in the online conference as a group! You will receive one login to the online experience platform to watch on the day of the event. People can gather together for a time of strategic planning and debriefing during lunch breaks or at the end of the day. This is a great opportunity to engage in leadership development and then dream together how you might implement what you’ve learned in your context.

How much does it cost for a host site? $75 (includes host site resources) Individuals do not need to register on their own if they are registered with a host site.

How do you host a site? Our planning team is ready to support you and will provide instructions and helpful tips. As a host, you’ll make arrangements and set up hospitality. Please consider using a couple of different devices or rooms when workshops occur. (All workshops are recorded for viewing at a later date). 

How much does it cost for an individual? $10 (includes access to online resources). Individuals can register until the day of the event.

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