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In our quests for personal wellness, there are a lot of ways we track our progress. Whether it’s exercise, diet or drinking more water, we know taking note of our daily habits can help us achieve our goals. But what about our spiritual lives?

Just like other aspects of our health, spiritual wellness takes mindfulness and intention. That’s why the Great Plains Conference offers a free tool for tracking spiritual practices–an app to download on your Android, iPhone or iPad.

The app contains many ways to connect with the Great Plains Conference, but the one we are most excited to share with you is the Spiritual Fitness Tracker (SFT). Developed for members of the Great Plains Conference, the SFT allows users to mark spiritual practices and become more mindful of habits.

In the SFT, a simple tap will log daily devotion time, prayer, worship, small group, or service to others. A user’s summary, with filtering capabilities, displays how many times the user has logged each activity.

The newest rollout includes many changes from the earlier design. Early in 2020, app users were asked to submit a survey to help improve the app experience. The results of those surveys, along with some technological challenges, shaped the new design and function.

Look for:

  • A clean, modern look with a soothing color scheme, inspired by the blue prairie sky
  • Simple navigation with intuitive menus
  • Tabs to most-requested information on the Great Plains website

And all of this is free! Download the app now by following the links to the appropriate store below. Or, just scan the QR code.


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